Meet the 2016 Semifinalists

The 12 Semifinalists invited to New Orleans to compete in the 26th New Orleans International Piano Competition are:

Scott Cuellar, USA

Christopher Goodpasture, USA

Matthew Graybil, USA

Yewon Jeong, South Korea

Saetbyeol Kim, South Korea

Yejin Noh, South Korea

Kyle Orth, USA

Liana Paniyeva, Ukraine

Alexander Soares, United Kingdom

Xiaohui Yang, China

Hyun Ji You, South Korea

Re Zhang, China

To learn more about each semifinalist including their NOIPC repertoire programs, please click on their names. To view or download the entire NOIPC Program, CLICK HERE.

The performance order of the 12 Semifinalists for the 2016 NOIPC Semifinal Rounds is:

  1. Re Zhang - performs Monday and Thursday
  2. Yejin Noh - performs Monday and Thursday
  3. Liana Paniyeva - performs Monday and Thursday
  4. Saetbyeol Kim - performs Monday and Thursday
  5. Xiaohui Yang - performs Tuesday and Thursday
  6. Hyun Ji You - performs Tuesday and Thursday
  7. Kyle Orth - performs Tuesday and Friday
  8. Matthew Graybil - performs Tuesday and Friday
  9. Yewon Jeong - performs Wednesday and Friday
  10. Alexander Suares - performs Wednesday and Friday
  11. Scott Cuellar - performs Wednesday and Friday
  12. Christopher Goodpasture - performs Wednesday and Friday
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